What do you do when you reach 30, realize you hate your job and decide to pursue a career change? What if said change involves leaving a cushy (but boring) engineering field, and taking a leap into the wild and confusing jungles of digital communications?

Naturally, you start a blog.

Job Hacking logoThree years ago I realized my interest in civil engineering wasn’t as strong as my high-school self thought it would be. The promise of steady promotions, increasing salaries, and guaranteed work wasn’t enough to shake the nagging feeling that I’d wake up one day in later life realizing that I produced very little that excited me, with only a Porsche, a fancy condo and three weeks of yearly vacation for comfort. The Porsche is an older 911 model, and the vacations are split between exotic destinations paid through a lucrative airmiles card, and a time-share someplace warm. Wait… is it too late to change my mind?

Truthfully, it would take a lot more than a year-round tan and a flash car to make me go back. To be honest, I don’t even likes cars that much. This blog is about how I went from knowing next to nothing about social media, web design, SEO and online marketing to being a digital communications specialist.

Want to know what skills you need to make it? Want to become a growth hacker extraordinaire, a web communications guru? Me too. Lets find out together.

So, what is job hacking? Read on to find out…


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